MrCOIN LTD Company

High yield investments in mining

Make profit along with the biggest mining company that is engaged in the industrial
bitcoin mining through the modified ASIC-devices!
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  • Days online: 72 days
  • Total users: 3438
  • Total invested: $4066.00
  • Total paid: $343434.00

Our strategy

The income from your investments is secured by our professionalism.
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How does MrCOIN LTD make money?

We are a progressive company that gains income from innovative sphere of cryptocurrency mining.
  • 1./ Innovative developments. MrCOIN LTD is engaged in development of new generation ASIC-miners that are far more powerful than ordinary devices.
  • 2./ Industrial mining. We perform industrial bitcoin mining with the help of technical equipment of our own production. Our mining farms located in different parts of the globe.
  • 3./ Private invetsments . MrCOIN LTD cooperates with investors in order to expand the turnout and to realize the modernization up-dating of its production.

Our investment offers


  • Accrual of interest: 1% daily
  • Total: 200% of net profit
  • Period: 200 working days
  • Min-Max deposit: $10-$200,000
  • Deposit refund: at the end of the term
  • Total profit: 20

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  • Accrual of interest: 4% daily
  • Total: 180%
  • Period: 45 working days
  • Min-Max deposit: $20,000-$200,000
  • The deposit is included in the payments
  • Total profit: 36000

Calculate your profit

  • 20,000$

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